18 Mac 2004

Siti Nurhaliza Can't Speak English?

Just about to start my work this morning, I heard a Siti Nurhaliza's song, Bukan Cinta Biasa, aired on Asia-wide Singapore's Channel News Asia. My eyebrows lift up wondering why her song shown on that channel. Then in a while the presenters announced that they would show their encored interview with Siti Nurhaliza, a Malaysian pop idol. Wow, that's suprising me! So quickly I grabbed my camera and stayed in front of the television and put aside my tasks, not to miss this not-so-often chance. The first thing tinkled in my mind was would Siti speak English? As this is an English news channel, I did hope Siti won't blow her chance to promote herself Asia-wide by speaking in English, eventhough not very fluently.

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Ku Milikmu video clip by Siti Nurhaliza

The presenters kept repeating that Siti is a sweet girl and they're amazed with Siti's milestones so far, eventhough she's only 25 this year, by winning so many awards in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Nevertheless, I don't think Siti is well-known beyond Malay world audience. This's shown by the presenter's way of introducing Siti. Looked like they just found Siti Nurhaliza. Before this, I had a chance to ask my colleague in Singapore (Chinese) about Siti but she didn't know her. I also have a friend in Bangkok who bought Siti's Seri Balas CD, though, just to hear Cindai, but this is simply because my friend is mixed between Thai and Malay.

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Siti is being interviewed by Timothi Goh

When the interviewer, Timothi Goh asked the first question to Siti, I was so excited. But everything dashed out as Siti replied in Malay...! Only English subtitles appeared on the screen to translate what Siti's saying. I didn't think Timothi understood Malay and it's true as I heard somebody's voice from the side of the camera, translating concisely on what Siti had just been saying. However, I just continued watching. On the next questions, Siti spoke a little bit in English but eventually conversed in Malay instead. I tought she simply didn't have confidence.

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Subtitles for those who don't understand Malay

Eventhough quite disappointing, I still praise Siti because she understood the questions in English and the interviewer didn't have to be a Malay-speaking person. Furthermore, I can't imagine if Siti forced herself to speak in English as possible broken English might not be understood and eventually embarassed her. It's better not to do anything that you are not confident. But when do you want to speak and practice English? Oh.. better not to do it in public!

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Bukan Cinta Biasa video clip by Siti Nurhaliza

I do hope Siti will improve her English. Now outside people, especially in Singapore, are talking about Siti, referring to her sublime performance singing with Gareth Gates in recent MTV Asia Awards. Outside doors are opening up for Siti but if she still cannot speak English, the universal language, everything will be blown away!

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

why must siti speak english? other singer , they do not speak english but still well known. it is her languages. like us in singapore, we are forced to learn english but in malaysia their language is malay. why must she learn? her malay is good. you still not satisfied? come on how good is ur malay? siti did few english song too. you ask ur chinese frens bout siti...hello! does u chinese frens listen to malay radio? watch Suria? no rite how she going to find out...go and ask someone hu watch suria channel... i can guarantee 100% that they know siti nurhaliza. by the way, CT was in the world guiness book of record. Tell me, how they know bout CT den.. n ur fren still do not know CT. ANy news on her exp the gossip is on english newspaper too. Did you know all chinese, japanese n korean singer. Must they learn english too? Be happy that CT speak good malay. Afterall malay is our bahasa ibunda!

Strozze berkata...

Saya memang setuju sangat dengan pendapat anda. Dalam apa jua keadaan, bahasa ibunda perlu menjadi keutamaan. Cuma untuk bertapak lebih jauh, sekurang-kurangnya Siti boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Inggeris, bukan bertutur bahasa yang bombastic, tapi cukuplah sekadar untuk komunikasi.

p/s: Saya fikir bahasa Melayu saya bagus... ;)

royalejlly berkata...

well i agree but not hundred %, if Japanese can speak Japan without even worry what the audience think of them, without worry their album sold etc,then y siti should? Her album is sold, she's a millionaire, but on the skill-level, I think siti should add-value to herself, by learning language, not only english but other' also.I'm just not satisfied the way people judge siti's mentality and intelligence by the way" dia pandai ckp english ke tidak"-thing.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Saya setuju dengan pendapat anda semua. Siti adalah idola tercontoh. Do not jugde her just because she do not speak english during the interview. Her song, we'll be as one' is the song that brings her to international. Why follows chinese. Other singers do not even worried about whether their english is gud or whether they need to speak english, they just speak in their language. CT is fine as she is. She sang most mly songs wen she do show in London. They got no probs with it. Even as far as London or America or Australia knows CT, hu cares whether ur chinese frens knows CT or not. To them, this is not impt. Ask them they know Ziana Zain, M Nasir and other singers, I don't even think they bother....

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Few number of world leaders didn't speak english. Why bother about it? Siti can' speak english but the figure in her bank book is much more better than our english speaking artist!!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

why you all say like that? she's the good looking singer..go siti!!! we always support you for whatever you do. always believe in yourself, forget about the peoples who so jelous with you. malay is our ibunda language..be proud of it!!!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Orang yg mentality tertutup saje akan meraikan kejahilan dlm apa bentuk pun. Nak menguasai sesuatu mesti berlandaskan ilmu dan kelayakan. Nak conquer english mkt mesti tau bahasa perantarannya. Klu tidak mcm rusa msk kg.

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