21 Disember 2004

Great News!

I've read two interesting and great news in the newspapers today:

Johor May Get LRT System

JOHOR BAHRU: The state is waiting for the go-ahead from the Federal Government for the construction of a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system here to ease traffic congestion and boost the public transportation system.

Works and Housing Committee chairman Datuk Baderi Dasuki said the Finance Ministry was studying the matter with a consultant firm which had been engaged to examine the feasibility of using the LRT system.

“We’re confident of a positive outcome from the study and construction works for the LRT system is expected to start in 2006,” he told the state assembly when winding up the debate on the state budget yesterday.

Under Phase One of the project, the LRT service will ply a 30km route from Skudai to the new Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex and end in Pandan.

Phase Two will comprise two routes – a 10km route from Pandan to Ulu Tiram and a 20km stretch from Pandan to Pasir Gudang.

Baderi said the people were looking forward to the LRT system as an alternative to buses and taxis.

Source: The Star, 21 Dec 04

Tesco to Open Terengganu Outlet in 2005

RETAIL giant Tesco Stores (M) Sdn Bhd will open its first outlet in Terengganu next year, making it the first hypermarket in the state.

The construction of the 15,000 sq ft hypermarket in Padang Hiliran in Kuala Terengganu is expected to start after the Chinese New Year in February.

State Local Government and Housing Committee chairman Datuk Ahmad Said said the State Government had given the green light to Tesco last month to open its outlet in Terengganu.

He said the opening of the hypermarket would generate new jobs and stop youth migration.

“We also welcome other retail giants to open their outlets in Terengganu,” he told Business Times yesterday.

Source: Malay Mail, 21 Dec 04

Wow, what a great news! Hope these two projects will commence. It's been since few years people started complaining about traffic jam in Johor Bahru. There's no change to roads/hiways up to date. The lanes remain the same although almost one million new vehicles invade onto the road yearly nationwide.

Hope with this Light Rail Transit (LRT) it will resolve the traffic woes here. For those who commute to Singapore daily will no more need own transport as the link also stops at the new CIQ. While for those who work in Pasir Gudang, later they can forget the infamous fatal Pasir Gudang Highway. No more buka puasa inside their cars during fasting Ramadhan month.

For Kuala Terengganu people, their dreams to have a hypermarket are almost fulfilled. To find a one-stop shopping place in Terengganu is very hard today. At least later, for those job seekers, they don't have to go down south anymore to find jobs like in Paka/Kerteh/Kemaman or even out of the state. The opening of the hypermarket will also give headache to those "kings" in KT like Maidin and Sabasun to woo their customers. Soon they will face a new and real battle. At the end, the consumers who benefit...

I still remember when McDonalds opened its first outlet in Kerteh, the reception was tremendous. It was opened until midnight to cater those continuously-keep-coming customers as some might say - Oghang Teghanung banyok pitih tapi dok tahu nok belanje ke mane...

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