17 April 2005

'Owen Syndrome'

Yet another poor result although brilliant performance by Liverpool today. A two all draw with Spurs means Champions League spot is going far far away from grasp. Even final fifth spot is now at stake and Bolton have now edged out Liverpool to sixth spot.

With exceptionally magnificient passing by Spanish wizard, Alonso, in the middle of the park, on the other hand somebody becomes a spoiler. Gerrard, with the easiest chance of putting the ball into the net from a penalty spot, he instead blasted the ball into the crowd.

His performance has been erratic this season. His future at Anfield is still inbalance and this has caused his performance to plunge to the poorest in his career. Everybody remembers when he scored an own goal in Carling Cup Final against Chelsea, a game looked destine for Anfield side if it was not his mistake. Now, another bad penalty execution by him in this crucial part of the season may deny Liverpool's Champion League hope.

This is what can be called 'Owen Syndrome'. Last season, when Owen did not have interest to play for Liverpool anymore, his previous performance for Liverpool seemed to have been an unrepeated history for him. He missed a lot of chances in front of goals. Now, he is frustrated for sitting longer on the bench and some suggest he might return to England.

What Rick Parry, Chief Executive of Liverpool, said might be correct and it was exactly what he meant although denied later by Benitez. Without Gerrard, we can still win. It looks like he is ready to offload Gerrard.

Similar with Owen, winning trophy is main reason to pursue career at other leagues. However, everything is now already in front of you, Gerrard. Let's forget Carling Cup final, forget chasing for ONLY Champions League spot next season, let's concentrate on winning Champions League this season! Owen must be very envy and regret leaving Anfield if we win this time...

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