19 Disember 2005


What a week! Frustration, disappointment and all those kind of feelings. Having boss pointed out all overlooked issues yet important ones, this is one of my toughest time. All one year efforts can go into drain flowing like water if that small gap can't be closed.

In my personal life, as usual, I've got to choose between two things. It's kind of dilemma whether to go ahead or to follow hesitation from the heart. Circumstances urge me to go ahead but this mind don't. Sigh...

To add things worse, I was very frustrated to see the way Liverpool lost the game yesterday. Angry but don't know who to blame at. Always hesitated linesman? Sinama-Ponggole for second successive out-of-play corner? Gerrard for shooting wide? Garcia for not sharp enough? Or manager?

Whatever, life must go on. I want a break but can't do so. Lots of things on my table. Furthermore it's raining now at kampung. Can't go back.

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