04 Julai 2006

England Would Have Won the World Cup Only If

England would have won the World Cup only if:

  1. Eriksson had dared to strip off the captaincy from Beckham. Beckham had not been influential enough when the team needed somebody to cheer them up inside the pitch.

  2. Eriksson had dared to drop off Lampard from starting eleven. He’d been so off-form and ineffective throughout the World Cup. Gerrard cannot play alongside him and Gerrard should have been allowed to go up behind two strikers. Hargreaves should have been played as a holding role.

  3. Eriksson had brought more strikers. England always needs two strikers. By loading too many midfielders in the team and less strikers as well as bringing in a gamble, Teo Walcott, which then not even used, there had been limited option in attack to partner with Wayne Roony.

  4. No Ronaldo in Portugal team. Can’t wait to see Ronaldo is being booed when playing outside Old Trafford. Sure the Kop will not keep him off the eyes. You should go to Real, dude!

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