14 Jun 2007

Great News! - Revisited

Looking back at my previous posts can be fun too, especially when checking whether something that I talked before has been materialised or not. In a post titled Great News!, which was posted way back in Dec 2004, I talked about plans of building Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Johor Bahru (JB) and opening up a new Tesco store in Kuala Terengganu (KT). Let's see what have happened today after almost three years - now I realise that time is running so fast, we are in 2007 already!

In the earlier news, JB would have LRT link from JB town centre to Skudai alongside Skudai Highway and also from JB town centre to Pandan alongside Tebrau Highway. Second phase would link Pandan to Pasir Gudang. What happens now is that the LRT system plan has been scrapped and monorail system which will use China's "maglev" technology will be contructed. Instead of having preliminary link to Skudai, the first phase will only connect JB town centre (new CIQ complex near to Causeway) to Tebrau City in the North. However, this project has not started yet.

In KT, Tesco store has been replaced with Mydin Hypermarket, which was opened few months back and it is said to be the biggest in East Coast. Probably this was given to a local player due to no enough population in KT and its surrounding and this might affect local retailers. Now, I heard that Giant will also open up its store there. If this is so, another big local retail player in the market, Sabasun HyperRuncit, will be badly affected. So many people now have been talking about Sabasun has been hit by Mydin's new outlet in KT.

Although both projects did not materialised, nevertheless, the good news do not go away just like that. At least the projects are still on but with only slight changes.

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